Mothers Day


Because there’s only one person like her,  
Offer her the creativity of a rare brand,
The pleasure of a one-of-a-kind piece …  

The discreet elegance of a Double-Wrap Bracelet?
The originality of a Fan Wallet that comes in multiple tones ?
The chic of a Bahia clutch with a bold design ?
The summery ligtht-mood of a two-tone Marius bag ?

Tin-Tine, an updated camera bag…

Idole, refined folding

Nomade, voluptuous traveller

Best Wishes 2017

Césaire, tradition in the service of creativity

Allured Metis

Tako, modern fluidity

Adopt a new Petit Ami

Justine, refined and elegant

Blouse, sensual and sophisticated

Césaire sets high standards for our leathers that respect the environment

Mothers Day

Fanny, think oversized for Summer

Césaire is on tour with l’Habibliothèque

Stéphanie Césaire’s “Couture” bag

Césaire and Keren Ann, it’s so obvious!

Marius and all its contrasts